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Lenovo ( IPA  ; formerly Legend Group ; “Le” from English legend ‘Legende’, “novo” from Latin novum  ‘connection of ideas, association of thoughts, imagining something together’) is one Chinese computer and smartphone manufacturer. In 2016 the company was ahead of HP [ 21 ] with a world market share of 21.2% of the computers sold and was able to expand its market share compared to its competitors in 2018. [3] As a supercomputerManufacturer, Lenovo can install the largest share of the top 500 most powerful computers worldwide in 2018. In 2019, they made a profit of $ 597 million.

Lenovo’s largest shareholder is Legend Holdings (34% stake),which in turn belongs to 65% of the state Chinese Academy of Sciences . The company took over the PC division of IBM in 2005 . In 2014, Lenovo bought the mobile phone manufacturer Motorola from Google and parts of IBM’s server division.

In 1984, a group of young Chinese scientists founded the company. They initially limited themselves to the sale of computers and printers from the brands IBM , ACT and Hewlett-Packard . Lenovo launched its own devices in the late 1980s. [7]

In 2004 the company was the market leader in the Chinese market. The world market share was also 2.3%. At the beginning of December 2004, Lenovo announced plans to acquire IBM’s PC division for $ 1.75 billion, whose global market share was 6%. On March 9, 2005, the United States authorities approved the acquisition, which was officially closed on May 1, 2005. The company’s headquarters were then moved to Raleigh , North Carolina , with headquarters in Beijing and Singapore . [8] Stephen Ward, former head of the PC division of IBM, has been named CEOof the entire company. Yang Yuanqin, former CEO of Lenovo, took over as Chairman of the Board . [7] The sales of Lenovo Group increased with the merger of 2.9 billion US dollars in 2005 to 13.3 billion US dollars in the year of 2006.

Lenovo campus in Beijing

In January 2011, it was announced that NEC and Lenovo wanted to merge in the PC business. Joint development, production and material procurement should create synergy effects, which should help both companies to narrow the gap to the market leader HP . The new joint venture was owned 51% by Lenovo and 49% by NEC. Furthermore, the end products should continue to be sold under the previous brand names. [9] 2016 took over Lenovo a majority of the shares of NEC and controlled since 95% of the joint venture. [10]

The Lenovo R&D location in Shenzhen , Guangdong province , China

Lenovo offered 629 million euros in early June 2011 for a majority stake in Aldi supplier Medion AG . [11] The European Commission announced on July 26, 2011 the green light to the takeover after its experts had examined in particular the activities of both companies in desktop computers, laptops, computer monitors and accessories. The focus was on the PC market in Germany and Denmark, on which the merger has the greatest impact. The Commission stated that the company would become strong competitors such as Acer , HP or Asusface each other so that there is still sufficient competition. She concluded: “Lenovo and Medion’s combined market shares are generally relatively small.” All 1000 Medion employees should be taken over. In early 2014, Lenovo bought the mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility from Google for $ 2.91 billion. [13] The brand name Motorola was planning Lenovo in developed markets (eg. As the US and Europe) maintain, while in developing countries, a two-brand strategy should be applied. [14] With the Motorola acquisition, Lenovo increased the third largest smartphone -Anbieter worldwide – behind Samsungand Apple (as of October 2014). In an online survey in September 2015, Lenovo was voted the most popular Chinese brand in Germany ahead of Huawei . [15] In January 2014 bought Lenovo for $ 2.3 billion parts of the server division of IBM. [16]

At the beginning of November 2017, a joint venture with the Japanese computer manufacturer Fujitsu for the development and manufacture of client devices ( Client Computing Devices (CCD )) was concluded. Under the agreement, Lenovo wanted to acquire a majority stake in Fujitsu’s subsidiary Fujitsu Client Computing Limited (FCCL) . In mid-September 2018, Lenovo and NetApp announced a strategic partnership, with Lenovo to market storage technologies from NetApp, while NetApp will gain access to the Chinese market in return through a joint venture .

Lenovo produces a variety of information technology devices for worldwide sale: notebooks , tablet PCs , ultrabooks , desktop computers , workstations , servers and peripheral devices such as B. Computer monitors . In addition, smartphones are offered in several countries in Asia . Lenovo achieved fourth place worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2015 with 20.2 million smartphones shipped, an increase of 43.6 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2014.

The global market share thus rose from 3.7 to 5.1 percent. 399.5 million smartphones were delivered worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2015. Lenovo also has a partnership with Motorola . 20.2 million smartphones were also delivered here, although the previous year there were 24.7 million.

In the United States, Lenovo’s smartphones are only available under the Motorola brand name . The Moto G and Moto X are particularly successful models . Since Lenovo is less well known in western countries, it focuses on the Chinese and Asian markets and offers cheap to very cheap smartphones there. [19]

An agreement that allowed Lenovo to sell notebooks and PCs under the IBM brand ended in fiscal year 2010. [20] In early 2011, IBM sold the rest of its Lenovo shares.

Lenovo is one of the first key members of the FIDO alliance to develop the Universal Second Factor (U2F) industry standard for general purpose two-factor authentication .

In cooperation with the Disney group, Lenovo launched the virtual reality game set ” Star Wars : Jedi Challenges” in December 2017, consisting of virtual reality glasses, a lightsaber and a tracking device. Due to the great popularity, updates of the VR game are already available.

In 2018, Lenovo launched the Lenovo Explorer, a full VR package that uses Windows Mixed Reality (WMR). [23] In the smartphone area, Lenovo announces that it is aiming to lead the introduction of the new 5G standard.

In August 2018, Lenovo also introduced devices for the connected household, showing its ambitions in the smart home area.
According to market research firm IDC, Lenovo was the largest PC manufacturer worldwide with 21.2 percent market share in the second quarter of 2016, ahead of HP (20.8%) and Dell (16.0%). [2] Compared with the first quarter of order was found to increase market share by 0.5 percentage points. HP also increased its market share compared to the second quarter of 2015 (+ 2.9 percentage points).
Lenovo was a main sponsor of the Formula 1 racing team Williams F1 and has been a sponsor of the McLaren F1 racing team since 2009 .

The company was also the main sponsor of the 2008 Summer Olympics . Here the company provided a complete IT infrastructure with more than 30,000 desktops , notebooks , screens and servers . This infrastructure was responsible for the collection and preparation of the competition data up to the display of the game results in the national stadium, in the swimming center and on television . Lenovo also had six fully-featured Internet lounges , called iLounges , in the Olympic Villagesset up. These made it possible for the participants of the Olympic Games to keep in touch with friends and family via the Internet . Lenovo had set up additional lounges for the national organizing committees and in the sponsors’ headquarters.
In February 2015, Lenovo received criticism for installing adware on laptops with the exception of the ThinkPad series, which were produced between October and December 2014. [27] The Superfish application places ads in search results from, for example, Google . Superfish but also installed an SSL – certificate with which it was possible to SSL-encrypted pages to manipulate, like a man-in-the-middle attack, After public criticism, Lenovo said that it had already deactivated all server-side actions in January, and that the software had not been preinstalled on laptops since January.

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